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Longarm Services Pricing

Plum Lake Quilts is a longarm machine quilting service to help you finish your quilt tops that you have spent hours creating. Let's get these wonderful quilts finished!


  • Edge to Edge Designs

  • Computer Assisted Quilting

  • $.02/ sq in

  • Binding Services $0.25/ in

  • Batting: Warm and Natural, Wool, or Bamboo

    • 124" Wide 

  • Formula to estimate quilting fee:

    • Measure your quilt top length and width by the inch

    • Multiply the length and width to get the total square inches of your quilt top

      • Example: 90" x 80" =7200 sq. in

      • 7200x 0.02= $144.00

    • Your backing should be 10" larger than your top.


Please have your quilt top and backing pressed, trimmed and squared prior to giving it to me to avoid any additional charges.


I look forward to working with you.

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